Welcome to Chillers Microcreamery



The Meltdown - 10 Steps to Open a Chillers Franchise


STEP 1. Apply for a Franchise


Fill out Chillers Application Form.


STEP 2. Phone Interview


Preliminary Q&A, discuss your plans, and review the possibility of a potential business opportunity.


STEP 3. Meet the Family


At this meeting, you will meet TWO generations of the Chillers family. We will answer your questions and help you learn about our franchise system and the assistance we offer. If there is mutual interest in moving forward the following document will be provided.


  •   Chillers Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
  •   Sign FDD receipt page


STEP 4. Chillers experience


Want a test drive? We thought you would never ask! You will experience the operations of Chillers for 1-2 days. We want you to LOVE the experience as much as we do.


STEP 5. Due Diligence


Take this time to conduct your due diligence.


STEP 6. Sign Franchise Agreement


STEP 7. Develop your business plan, site selection, secure financing, and lease review


From this point on, we assist you every step of the way.


STEP 8. Training Program


You and/or your operating partners will come to a Chillers to train and learn about all the operations involved in running a Chillers unit. Our program includes classroom training and on the job training for up to 8 weeks, depending on your prior experience.


STEP 9. Construction


We will assist you with initial design, layout, construction, purchasing and installation of equipment.


STEP 10. Grand Opening


Once the construction of your Chillers Microcreamery is completed and you have successfully completed the then current training program, it's time for your grand opening! Chillers representative/s will be there to assist the week you go live.


Congratulations!  Your Chillers is NOW OPEN!