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Chillers Franchise Opportunities

Chillers Ice Cream – A Growing Success Story

The Chillers story starts with a very humble beginning in 1966 in a 400 sq. ft. building on the corner of Slate Run Road and Charlestown Road in New Albany, Indiana. This little ice cream shop was named Zesto.  Early on, people knew something was very unique about this ice cream store.  Their philosophy was remarkably simple.  Chillers paired three core principles together:

  1. Premium homemade ingredients make addictively delicious ice cream.
  2.  Simple, streamlined operations make for great customer service.
  3. Spotlessly clean facilities are a key ingredient.

Their customers not only received premium ice cream products, but they also received them fast.  After noticing something special, customers turned into investors by trying to talk Don and Dottie Rosenbarger into starting a franchise.  Those franchise offers fell on deaf ears over the 40+ years of business until 2012 when the family decided it was time to share 3 generations of success with others. 

The product offering has a universal appeal, attracting customers from every demographic imaginable.  Families with children, teenagers, senior citizens, and customers from all income levels and ethnic backgrounds love Chillers and love their great ice cream.  Half a century later, Chillers is still making the same addictively delicious ice cream that generations have grown to love.

Basic Fees & Cost Overview

  • Application fee - $0
  • Franchise fee - $22,500
  • Ongoing Royalties - 3.5% of gross
  • Chillers® Advertising Fund - 1% of gross

Sweeten Things Up

Why choose Chillers® Microcreamery?

Low Fees

If you’re looking for a SWEET deal, you’re in the right place. Our fees are drastically lower than our competition. Others may claim to be low, but where else can you find a franchise fee of $22,500, royalties 3.5% of gross, and advertising fund of 1% of gross? This leaves you with a lower initial investment, lower operating costs, and a higher return, leaving more money in your wallet at the end of the day. 


We have years of successful hands-on experience and know-how. The Chillers family has been in the ice cream business for over 40+ years. Throughout those successful years, we have continued to use the same time tested recipes and formulas that give Chillers Ice Cream the unique and superior taste it has today. 


Chillers will go above and beyond to assist you throughout every phase of opening your restaurant, including: site selection, lease review, construction, purchasing equipment, employee hiring, owner/operator training, employee training, grand opening assistance, and 10 days of open to close on-site support when you go live. Once open, every Chillers® franchise receives continued support to assist in your operational and advertising needs. You will stay well informed with face-to-face communications, meetings, and store evaluations.

Handcrafted, Hand-Dipped Ice Cream "Microcreamery"

Walk up to any Chillers location and chances are you will see a local owner making hand-dipped ice cream. We decided from the beginning to have the philosophy that, no matter how difficult it may be, we always make the freshest and creamiest ice cream possible. We make our ice cream in small, 3-12 gallon batches at a time, ensuring that when our customers choose our premium hand-dipped they’re receiving the freshest ice cream possible every day. We like to say, “From the cow to the cone in less than a day!” Is it simpler to order ice cream out of a warehouse? You bet! That is why most other companies do, but how is that fresh? That “delivered” ice cream is made in a factory, frozen, put on a semi-truck and shipped to a warehouse where it sits in a freezer until someone orders it. It takes a lot of hard work to make 12 flavors of handcrafted premium hand-dipped, but Holy Cow it is worth it!

"Franchising with Chillers is a wonderful way to go into business for yourself, but not by yourself."

- Jim Young -2nd Generation, Vice-President

The Meltdown -

10 Steps to Open a Chillers Franchise

STEP 1. Apply for a Franchise

Fill out Chillers Application Form.

STEP 2. Phone Interview

Preliminary Q&A, discuss your plans, and review the possibility of a potential business opportunity.

STEP 3. Meet the Family

At this meeting, you will meet TWO generations of the Chillers family. We will answer your questions and help you learn about our franchise system and the assistance we offer. If there is mutual interest in moving forward the following document will be provided.

Chillers Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
Sign FDD receipt page

STEP 4. Chillers experience

Want a test drive? We thought you would never ask! You will experience the operations of Chillers for 1-2 days. We want you to LOVE the experience as much as we do.

STEP 5. Due Diligence

Take this time to conduct your due diligence.

STEP 6. Sign Franchise Agreement

STEP 7. Develop your business plan, site selection, secure financing, and lease review

From this point on, we assist you every step of the way.

STEP 8. Training Program

You and/or your operating partners will come to a Chillers to train and learn about all the operations involved in running a Chillers unit. Our program includes classroom training and on the job training for up to 8 weeks, depending on your prior experience.

STEP 9. Construction

We will assist you with initial design, layout, construction, purchasing and installation of equipment.

STEP 10. Grand Opening

Once the construction of your Chillers Microcreamery is completed and you have successfully completed the then current training program, it's time for your grand opening! Chillers representative/s will be there to assist the week you go live.

Congratulations! Your Chillers is NOW OPEN!

Franchise FAQs

  • Basic 10 year term for $22,500 with an 10 year option
  • Ongoing Royalties 3.5% of gross

  • Advertising Fund 1% of gross

If you are a friendly, energetic, hard working individual who’s passionate about owning and growing multiple units, then Chillers franchise is right for you.  We look for people who love to serve the public with a smile, while taking a hands-on management approach. If this describes you, then complete this Franchise Application Form.

We are an owner/operator franchise system. An Owner/operator must be an integral part of the business by being involved full-time in day-to-day operations. Investors ownership is allowed with an invested operator overseeing operations.

Approved Chillers franchisees are committed to 1 unit, with multi-unit agreements available and encouraged.

Chillers Ice Cream is currently offering franchise opportunities to qualified new franchisees in select markets as follows: Kentucky & Indiana.

Unfortunately, we cannot answer questions regarding earning claims.  Profitability depends on many factors including location of the restaurant, initial investment, operating costs, financing terms, and most importantly, your ability to operate the business effectively among other factors.

The initial investment varies depending on a variety of factors, the biggest being leasehold improvements. You should plan to invest between $300,000 to $475,000.  Figures do not reflect buying real estate.  

Yes.  The location of your restaurant is a big factor in the success of your franchise, so we are ready to help. Chillers will assist you with the many challenges of site selection and development. 

Chillers will assist you through every phase of the opening process, including, site selection, lease review, construction, purchasing equipment, owner/operator training, employee hiring, employee training, grand opening assistance, and on-site help when you go live. 

Our building prototypes range in size from approximately 1,000 to 1,500 square feet. In addition, our buildings feature a drive-thru and patio seating.


Once your store opens you won’t be on your own. Every Chillers franchise receives our continued support system to assist your operational and advertising needs. Since you’re a part of our Chillers family, you will stay well informed with face to face communications, franchisee bulletins, meetings, and store evaluations.



The Chillers® Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) answers all questions regarding our Owner/Operators' opportunities. The FDD is available in electronic format or as a paper copy. The following list of questions is a brief response to typical inquiries. If there is any inconsistency or conflict between these questions and the FDD, the FDD will control.


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