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The Chillers Difference


Handcrafted, Hand-Dipped Ice Cream


Walk up to any franchised Chillers location, and chances are, you will see a local owner making hand-dipped ice cream right in front of you. We decided from the beginning to pursue the philosophy that, no matter how difficult it may be, we always make the freshest and creamiest ice cream possible. We make our ice cream in small batches, ensuring that when our customers choose our premium hand-dip, they’re receiving the freshest ice cream possible every time. We like to say, “From the cow to the cone in less than a day!” Is it simpler to order ice cream out of a warehouse? You bet! That is what most other companies do, but how is that fresh? That “delivered” ice cream is made in a factory, frozen, put on a semi-truck and shipped to a warehouse where it sits in a freezer until someone orders it. It takes a lot of hard work to make 12 flavors of handcrafted premium hand-dip, but Holy Cow is it worth it! Come taste truly premium ice cream that you can’t get anywhere else but Chillers Microcreamery.


Handmade Waffle Cones


From the aroma of fresh batter being cooked, to having a freshly made waffle cone that is warm in your hand, you will know why our waffle cones are different than anything you have ever smelled, seen, or tasted. Every morning, our staff warms up the waffle irons to make fresh waffle cones for the day. We cook and hand-roll every cone. Pick up a Chillers waffle cone and you will see a truly handmade product. Our waffle cones don’t have perfectly rounded edges, or look the same, or even have perfectly sealed bottoms (hence the marshmallow in the bottom). And that is how you know they are homemade. Do we make a lot of waffle cones every day? Without a doubt! We mess up quite a few as well, but handmade is better than factory-made any day of the week.


Made from Scratch Whipped Cream


Preservative-filled aerosol whipped cream cans? Not at Chillers! Chillers whipped cream is made on location with only natural ingredients. What is the secret? Combine fresh cream, sugar, and vanilla, and stir like crazy! Once you have tasted a whipped cream that is made from scratch, nothing else compares. We see whipped cream as more than a garnish to a sundae. We see it as a finishing touch to many of our products and another opportunity to exceed our customer’s expectations.




  • January 2011 – Chillers starts franchising in Indiana and Kentucky.

  • August 2011 – Zesto (Chillers parent company) celebrates their 60th anniversary.

  • August 2011 – Franchise owners with Co-Founder Dottie Rosenbarger after celebrating 60 years of business.

  • February 2013 – After listening to customer demand, Chillers launches mobile website.

  • August 2013 - Ronald McDonald House receives $1,600 Ice Cream Cake Check donated from Chillers Ice Cream.

  • September 2013 - Chillers receives Best Ice Cream Award for the New Albany Tribune Readers Choice 5 years running.

  • October 2013 – Chillers donates and serves over 1,000 hand-dipped ice cream cones to the runners of the Susan G. Komen “Race for a Cure”

  • June 2014 – WHAS Crusade for Children and Chillers team up for the World’s Largest Ice Cream Party at the big four bridge.